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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2008|12:56 am]
Ryan was kind enough to put the phone up to the tv so I could hear Obama's victory speech at work on Tuesday night. What a fucking relief that is. Still, half the people I know couldn't even celebrate properly.

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Festival season is upon us (and I'm not there)! [May. 1st, 2008|12:51 pm]
[music |Kimya Dawson - Loose Lips]

This is what I'm missing this weekend.

Why am I in Cary, again? Seriously, you guys - a giant robotic giraffe. That could only be cooler if it exploded and caught on fire a la Dali, and that honestly could happen. I freaking love San Francisco. My sister better appreciate me being here. :)

For the record, I'm in town for one week, maybe less. Then Georgia, then the world! My stuff is scattered across the country, I left my car with some friends in the city, and I basically quit my job. My life is full of deltas! I like it that way.
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c'est la preuve qu'on existe [Mar. 11th, 2008|05:20 am]
Because I haven't been around much lately, I offer you this:

We watched the total lunar eclipse from the observation deck of the Randall museum. Turns out an eclipse isn't all that exciting to watch. :)
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Angela's Three Things About Today: [Jan. 31st, 2008|07:38 pm]
[mood |soreow]
[music |The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?]

The bad:
1. I am randomly allergic to something and have hives.
2. I spent three hours in the car in the rain not getting to Oakland to get said car inspected.
3. I cut my head open on the shower. It will likely scar. (Any suggestions on what to tell people?)

The good:
1. Work was super easy and tomorrow is my LAST DAY.
2. I got packages from my family.
3. I adore you all.
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I think I know my geography pretty damn well [Dec. 22nd, 2007|08:50 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Modest Mouse - Dramamine]

Oh, right - that's why I hate Cary. Not even 48 hours.

On an amusing note, for the one-hour flight from Dulles to RDU, I was stuck listening to the ramblings of a drywall salesman.
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Happy fucking Hanukkah [Dec. 6th, 2007|06:09 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Today I worked ten hours unexpectedly because the girl who has the shift after mine quit. Apparently her father is sick in Mexico, so for some reason she needed to take off. She's not even going to Mexico. Either way, she made it sound like it was cool for me to just stay on, and said I didn't need to call the manager. When I talked to the manager not long after, he freaked out because he didn't want me getting overtime. What the hell. I woke up at 4:30 this morning for work and got home after 5 PM. People kept trying to get me to go to the Hanukkah party tonight, but I do not wish to be in that building anymore today. Also, today was officially the start of the rainy season.

When I got home, Ryan broke my phone.

I do have chocolate coins and dreidels, and we're about to go to a "comedy thing." I don't care as long as there are drinks.

P.S. I'm flying out to NC Dec. 20-25. Come to Cary!

ETA: "Comedy thing" turned out to be a taping of Comedy Central Presents. Second row center at the Fillmore.
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Spin? [Nov. 19th, 2007|03:26 pm]
I have a free year's subscription to Spin magazine if anyone wants it. First person to reply gets it :)
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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2007|11:45 pm]
[mood |distresseddistressed]

I watched Earthlings today. All I have to say right now is: :(
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I found this fairly amusing. [Nov. 9th, 2007|03:45 pm]
Someday I will work for a living and not have all this time to giggle at the internet. That day is not today.

Pop Culture Alphabet
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I do love my family [Oct. 7th, 2007|09:27 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

Within ten hours of arriving in the city: my dad managed to offend someone in a bar, declare himself a professional, get mad at my driving and make me call once I got home, and my mom gave me chocolate, trinkets, and unmatched socks and said she wanted to burn down a building. Just like home. After a particularly difficult explanation of a simple sign to my dad, my mom started giggling and asked "Don't you miss us?" On to Day 2, in which we visit the Pier and Market St., watch the Blue Angels at fleet week, and have dinner in Chinatown with the Kubins.

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